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Why You Don't Have To Dread A Drain Inspection Like You Did In The Past

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Drain inspections are a necessary task that has to be done at least a few times a decade, or whenever the situation calls for it, such as when you have repeatedly blocked pipes. Drain inspections are often dreaded and many people actively avoid them because they are seen as very expensive procedures that could identify problems that would cost you even more. Out of sight out of mind is a common approach, but that doesn't need to be the case anymore with many upgrades to modern plumbing.

Camera Inspections

One reason why a drain inspection could cost you so much in the past was because plumbers often needed to physically dig down to your buried drains and excavate piping to see what the problem was. There was no other way to accurately find out the issue. However, modern drain inspections are almost always done with cameras that can snake their way through any drain or pipe that you might have. This dramatically lowers the cost as well as the time taken to complete the drain inspection, leading to a win-win for both you and the plumber you have contracted to conduct the camera pipe inspection.

Pipe Relining

One of the more common findings during a drain inspection is that the pipe itself has cracked, either on its own or due to tree roots invading the space. This is a very costly issue to fix, as you have to pull out the old drain, put in a new drain and then bury it and hope the same thing does not happen again. Modern plumbing has come up with a better method which is known as pipe relining. In this method, the area is cleared of debris and then a thick special material is pushed through the damaged section, lining the walls with a resin-like substance that strengthens it and seals it off from the outside world.

Alternative Diagnostic Tools

Cameras are not the only instruments used to help find out where problems are in your plumbing. There are special machines that can detect audio cues which indicate where leaks are, and these are often used for gas problems as well. In addition to that, there are many less-invasive solutions that mean there is almost never a reason to excavate your plumbing. Nowadays this process is less common, which means many drain inspections are a fraction of the price they once were, and no longer need to be feared!

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