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Reasons to Install a Linear Stainless Steel Drainage Grate in Your Bathroom

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Renovating a bathroom is a fun project, allowing you to create your dream space and install all your favourite colours and textures. One crucial but small object to consider is the drainage grate. Consider the following reasons for installing a linear grate during your remodel.

Accommodates Large Format Tiles

If you love large format tiles and are planning to spread them across the bathroom floor and walls, then you should choose a linear drain. A centrally placed point drain requires the floor to slope downwards on all four sides towards it. This contoured gradient can be challenging to create with large format tiles. The large tiles will need angled cuts around the drain to make the appropriate slope, which will break up their seamless expanse. On the other hand, a linear drain only needs the floor to pitch in one direction towards the grate, and for this, large format tiles don't pose a problem — they can be laid in straight, uninterrupted lines.

More Layout Options

Linear grates offer more design options as contractors can set them in various places, for example, along the wall or entrance side of the shower or under the vanity. Point drains, though need positioning that provides the shortest way for water to reach them, and they thus need to be more centrally located in the shower or on the general floor area.

Better Drainage Allows for Hobless Showers

A linear drain provides a larger draining area than a typically smaller central grate — thus it clears water more effectively. On the other hand, a central drain can encourage water to pool. Because of their draining efficiency, linear grates are perfect for hobless showers, the flooring of which continues at the same level as the general floor area. Showers without hobs create a seamless feel in the bathroom and give the impression of spaciousness by minimising transitions and breaks in the floor tiles. Additionally, people with mobility issues are more easily able to access hobless showers.


The slim shape of linear stainless steel floor wastes will enhance the decor with a svelte look. Plus, because they fit to the side, linear styles don't interrupt the floor tiles with a grate, and your bathroom will appear more sleek and seamless as a result. A central drain not only disturbs the tiling, but it requires the varying floor contour which also subtly lessens a seamless feel. 

Reach out to a stainless steel drainage grate supplier for more information.