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Guidelines to Effective Choice of Roofing Material

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Whether you are building your house or renovating it, a roof is a significant consideration you need to make. There are several roofing materials in the market today. These include wood, clay, stone and iron sheeting. Your choice of roofing materials depends on where you live, the weather and your style preference. It is not a one-size-fits-all type of situation. What works for a lakeside home will not work for a home in a forested area. Here are guidelines to follow when choosing roofing materials.


Putting up a roof is costly. High-cost roofs are longer lasting than cheaper options. This is because it includes sheathing, drainage, rafters and trusses, as well as flashing. These ensure you have a leak-proof roof. You should, therefore, look for long-lasting roofing materials. A slate roof is the most durable type. It is made of stone and comes in various shades. It is, however, both costly and cumbersome. Its weight will also raise the costs of the roof's framing. Metal, clay and concrete roofs are also relatively long-lasting. They come in a wide range of colours. Metal does require more maintenance than tile or concrete. 


A roof should be within your budget. Pick roofing materials that you can comfortably pay for. Heavy roofing materials such as slate, concrete and tiles apart from being expensive require more framing. This will increase the cost of the roof. Timber and metal roofs require a lot of maintenance. Timber should be treated to ensure that it is fireproof. They can quickly rot and should be regularly cleaned to remove leaves and other debris. Ask your roofing services provider about the installation costs of the various options. You can then make a decision that is financially comfortable for you. 

Natural Disasters

A good roof should protect you during extreme weather events. It should be able to withstand strong winds and heavy rains. It should also be able to withstand the impact of hailstorms. If you leave in an area prone to seasonal fires, your roof should be fire-resistant. Timber roofing is not advisable in such a field. Metal and slate roofs provide excellent protection against hurricanes and other extreme weather events. They are also fireproof. 


Ensure that you choose a roof that provides a good return on investment. High-quality roofing will serve you for a long time with little maintenance or roofing repair. The above will guide you on making the right choice.