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How to Make Your Renovated Bathroom Stand Out

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Have you ever heard someone complaining that his or her renovated bathroom looked worse than it did before the renovation? Read on and discover some suggestions that will make your bathroom renovation yield outstanding results.

Hire Out Major Tasks

Many homeowners end up with botched bathroom renovations because they decided to do all the work on their own. Do not join the ranks of such homeowners. Hire out the major tasks, such as replacing the bathtub, to a professional. This will relieve you from the hassle of straining to understand complex issues, such as how to install waterproofing beneath the tub.

Select the Vanity Carefully

Don't be taken up by the appearance of a vanity to the extent that you forget the bigger picture, such as the appropriateness of its size and material. This cautious approach will save you from regretting your choice of that particular vanity instead of another one. For instance, a vanity countertop made from marble may look very attractive in the showroom. However, such a countertop may not be suitable for your bathroom because marble is stained easily. You can therefore end up hating that vanity just because of its demanding maintenance. Pick a vanity that suits your needs, such as its size being appropriate for the space available in your bathroom and the maintenance required for the material.

Look at Moisture from Different Angles

One of the best things that you can do during a bathroom renovation is to create more than one way to dry your bathroom. For instance, you can create a window to ventilate the bathroom in addition to installing a fan. Such a multifaceted approach will ensure that your bathroom will dry out quickly so that moisture problems can be staved off.

Choose the Toilet's Location Carefully

Bathroom renovations provide an opportunity to homeowners to correct any errors that may have been made during previous renovations. For instance, it may not be aesthetically appealing to have the toilet as the first thing that people see when they look into your bathroom. Such a view can put a damper on the other attractions, such as the steam room. Don't shy away from incurring an extra cost to shift the toilet to an inconspicuous corner so that other attractions in your bathroom can take center stage.

You are likely to be more satisfied with the outcome of your bathroom renovation if you put the suggestions above into practice. You could also consider talking to bathroom renovation contractors for additional help so that you use the renovation as a chance to make your bathroom truly admirable.