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Factors to Consider When Choosing Grates for Your Heavy Duty Drainage System

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One of the most important things that you need to make a decision about is the kind of grates that will be placed on the trench drainage system of your new car dealership. This article discusses some of the factors that can help you to choose the best material for those grates.

Chemical Resistance

Chemical attacks are one of the most common reasons why grates deteriorate rapidly. You should therefore think carefully about the kinds of chemicals that the grates will be exposed to before you choose the material from which the grates you want should be made. For instance, the car-cleaning chemicals used at the dealership may gradually damage cast iron grates. However, fibreglass grates may be less susceptible to damage by those cleaning chemicals. You should pick a material that will be resistant to the specific chemicals that will be used once you commence operations.

Anticipated Loads

Some jurisdictions may have local codes that define the weight-bearing capacity that drainage system components should have in order for such a system to be approved for use in a given application. It is advisable for you to find out if such code requirements exist in your area. Adhere to those regulations in case they exist. Even if they don't, you need to be sure that the grates that you choose can handle the weight of the vehicles that will be moving over them. You may discover that grates of the load capacity that you want may not be available in some materials. Such a situation may leave you with no option other than settling for what is available. For example, you may have to order for stainless steel grates in case polyethylene heavy-duty grates aren't available in your area.

Risks of Theft

The booming scrap metal market has made security an added concern for people who wish to install grates on their drainage systems. You should consider how secure the location is before you pick a material for the grates that will be installed. For instance, it may be unwise to install cast iron grates outdoors where they can be stolen and sold as scrap metal. Fibreglass grates may be better for such a location since they have a low scrap value. The cast iron or stainless steel grates can be suitable for indoor use where the risk of theft may be minimal.

Talk to an experienced professional plumber for advice so that you install grates that will not fail within a short time.