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3 Ways to Clear Your Drain

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Having a blocked drain in your home can be a real pain. If your property has a blocked drain, you will want to get it cleared as soon as possible. You have a range of options when it comes to clearing your drains and getting your plumbing back in working order. Below is a list of 3 techniques to unblock your drains.

A plunger

A plunger is a classic piece of drain cleaning equipment. When properly used, it can effectively clear blocked kitchen sinks, toilets, shower units and other parts of your plumbing system. To properly use a plunger, you should hold it upright and ensure it fully covers the mouth of the drain. To ensure a good seal if formed, you should fill the drain or sink with water until the plunger is fully submerged beneath the waterline each time you plunge the pipe and drain, making it easier to clear the drain. The benefit of using a plunger is that you do not have to use toxic chemicals to clear your drain.

Chemical cleaners

Chemical cleaners are caustic and oxidising compounds which, when poured down a blocked drain, will dissolve fat, grease, hair or other debris which are stopping the flow of water. You should carefully check the label on any chemical cleaners before using them because they are manufactured to unblock different substances. Chemical cleaners are a good option if using a plunger has failed to clear the drain.

High-pressure water jet

You can also clear clogged drains by using a high-pressure water jet. For this method, you insert pipes into the drain which shoot water at very high pressure into the debris which is blocking the drain. The high pressure of the water should dislodge any debris and help to clear the drain. The debris is then washed away down the drain on the flow of water created by the high-pressure water jet. This form of drain cleaning works best on pipes and plumbing which are large and straight so that there is room to insert the high-pressure water pipes. It is not recommended for internal domestic drains.

If you are experiencing problems with a blocked drain and cannot clear it yourself, you should not hesitate to contact a professional plumbing service who will be able to assess the problem and use special equipment to clear the drain and return your plumbing system to full working order.