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Hot Water Service | 3 Immediate Steps To Prepare Your Leaking Water Heater For Repairs

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A water heater is vital in winters when the temperature drops below comfortable levels because it allows you to enjoy a warm bath, despite the freezing weather outside. But like any electrical element in your home, there's always the possibility of leaks and damage. A leaking water heater is best addressed by a professional hot water service because it is not only a nuisance, but can also be dangerous if ignored. Follow these immediate steps to prepare your leaking hot water for repairs.

Put Off The Main Water Heater Switch

Water is a good conductor of electricity, so if you leave the main switch on, you risk getting a shock. When you first notice a leak from your water heater, your first step should be to switch off the mains. This eliminates any possibility of a shock when you touch the water heater to inspect the extent of the leak. Once you switch off the mains, unplug the heater from the power socket for added safety.

Turn Off The Main Power Supply

You will then need to cut the main power supply to the water heater before the hot water service arrives. Once again, the main power supply is shut off to prevent even the slightest possibility of electrical current flowing through the leaking water. Look for the valve that enables entry of water and shut it off. The valve could either be a handle or a dial based on the type of water heater you have. Ensure that the valve is dry before you shut it or wear a pair of gloves to prevent any accidental mishaps.

Inspect The Extent Of The Leak And Temporarily Fix A Small Hole

If you expect the hot water service to arrive a few days later, you should ideally inspect the extent of the leak. You will need to inspect the cold water inlet, hot water outlet, pressure relief valve, heater drain valve and the bottom of the heater for signs of any leaks. If the hole causing the leak is small, you can shut it with heat resistant epoxy putty temporarily. This will allow you to use the water heater until a professional hot water service arrives to fix the problem.  If the leak is larger than you expected, an entire component may need replacement. In this instance, you may not be able to use your water heater until the professionals arrive to solve the problem.

Addressing any water heater problem should be quick to prevent any major breakdowns or accidents in the future. A qualified hot water service is best equipped to repair or replace components within your hot water system.