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Affordable But Effective Ways of Irrigating Your Lawn and Landscaping

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To keep your lawn and landscaping lush and healthy, you need to ensure that they're getting lots of water. However, you might not have the budget needed to install underground sprinklers that are connected to a timer or other such accessories. The good news is that you don't need to spend on an irrigation system for your lawn and your landscaping, as there are many very affordable but effective ways of keeping your property watered. Note a few of those here.

Start with mulch

Mulch is meant to help hold hydration and moisture in the soil and keep it from being scorched by too much direct sunlight. If you don't have mulch spread around your landscaping features and even around your garden trenches, you may actually be wasting your time with any irrigation supplies you buy, since the ground won't hold the moisture in place once you water your lawn or landscaping. Be sure you add fresh mulch each season or as you notice it starting to dry out.

Soaker hoses

One of the most affordable but very effective irrigation pieces is a soaker hose. This is a garden hose that actually has holes along its length, so that when you turn on the water, it looks like it's sweating. You can easily snake this hose through any garden or landscaping feature and turn the water on very low; since the hose sits on the ground, the water isn't likely to evaporate in the air as it might when you use an actual sprinkler. You can even bury the soaker hose just a few inches or centimeters underground so that the water is delivered directly to the root of plants when you use it.

Buried reservoir

You may have a selection of old black nursery pots from plantings; use these as buried reservoirs. Line the bottom with a few layers of newspaper and then fill them with rocks and pebbles. Bury the pot in your landscaping feature or areas along the lawn that needs watering, leaving the top of the pot exposed. Pour water into the pot until it reaches the top. The water will then slowly drip out the bottom holes of the pot, delivering a steady stream of hydration. Fill the pot weekly or as needed to keep your lawn and landscaping hydrated.

Rainwater barrel

You can use any type of barrel or jug to catch rainwater, and then direct it out the bottom to a PVC pipe that directs the water to your landscaping features or garden. For watering your lawn, drill holes in the sides of the pipe just like a soaker hose. You can then bury it so it's out of sight, but it will help direct water where it's needed on your property.