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Surprising Reasons to Call a Plumber to Your Home

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Your home's plumbing pipes don't need to literally burst before you need a plumber at your home. Plumbing pipes can have problems behind the walls, or the quality of your water itself may need to be checked by a plumber, even if water seems to still be flowing through the faucets as it should. Note a few surprising reasons to call a plumber to your home and what they can do for you.

1. If you notice staining of your home's fixtures

This staining often means deposits of certain minerals in your water. While the staining may not seem serious on your showerheads and other fixtures, these deposits can be causing corrosion to the pipes behind the walls. Corrosion around the connectors of pipes can lead to leaks. This corrosion can also mean rusty pipes and, in turn, more corrosion and very unhealthy water for drinking and bathing. Once you notice staining of your home's fixtures or pipes, have your water and the pipes checked for this corrosion and repaired or replaced as needed.

2. Drips or lower water flow

If your home's faucets constantly drip or you notice a lower water flow and water pressure than usual, it's time to call a plumber. Lower water flow or low water pressure can signal a leak behind the walls. There may also be a clog in the aerator of your faucet or showerhead. Constant drips usually mean worn-out washers and connectors in the faucet, but they can also mean valves that are not shutting off the flow of water as they should. When you notice these persistent drips or a lower flow of water, call a plumber to find the cause and have it addressed properly.

3. Outdoor faucets or bibs that rattle

Most homes have outdoor faucets or what are called bibs that are attached to the side of the home. These are usually very secure and are meant to easily handle the higher water pressure of the water that flows in this part of the home. However, if you notice that they seem to rattle, vibrate, shake, or otherwise act up when you use them, call a plumber. When these bibs are defective, this can mean that they may come loose from their connectors or indicate leaks behind the walls. This can cause a flood and the need for more repairs. Rather than ignore this problem or try to simply brace up the bib with tape or another homemade remedy, have a plumber look for leaks.