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The importance of conducting regular maintenance on your water heater

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It is very important to have your water heater examined annually by a reputable plumbing services company, such as P1 Plumbing & Electrical. Your water heater helps keep your house heated and stocked with hot water. It is a fragile system and can be easily damaged if not treated carefully. There is a gradual build-up of dirt sediments and minerals at the bottom of your water heater. While it depends on the type of water you have in your area, this accumulation can rapidly build over time.

If you do not have the water heater serviced, this will make the heater work harder, meaning increased energy expenditure and a more expensive electricity bill. Many of these materials can also corrode the heater from the inside. Water heaters are very expensive to replace and it doesn't take long for a plumbing services professional to clean out this build up and prevent rusting. Here are a few more reasons why you should have an annual maintenance service.

Gas lines

It is important that the gas lines which run in and throughout the water heater are serviced to ensure that they are still working properly. The plumber will test the lines for leaks and ensure that the line is still in a good state. Gas lines in older heaters may not be made of materials that meet modern regulations, so the plumber can replace the old pipes with ones that meet the necessary standards. By replacing them, your heater will work more efficiently, saving you money down the line in energy bills.


As the tank holds all of the water that needs to be heated, the risk of rust is high. If there is rust on the outside of the heater, the plumber will be able to remove or patch it. If there is rust present inside the tank, this needs to be repaired immediately to prevent the rust from eating through the heater. A leak can cause massive damage and is the last thing you want to happen as a result of not getting your water heater serviced.

Water pipes

It is important that the water pipes connecting to the tank are well fitted and that the water flows properly. Clogged pipes will lead to problems when turning on the hot water, possibly resulting in the system breaking down and leading to a leak. Repairing the damage of a leak can be disastrous. Any appliances, plumbing and electrical work that is affected will need to be replaced. You may also have invaluable personal items stored near the water heater that may be destroyed as a result of a leak.