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The 2 Best Water Heating Systems for the Eco-Conscious

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If you're an Eco-conscious homeowner, you want to be concerned with the amount of energy your home uses every day. Electricity may seem like a clean form of energy since it doesn't create smoke or fumes itself, but power plants that are run to create electricity certainly do. This is why it's good to think about the Eco-friendly choices you have for water heating, since a water heater uses a tremendous amount of energy every day:

1. Tankless water heater

A tankless water heater doesn't hold a tank of water that it keeps at a certain temperature all day, but instead, water is run over a heating element as it's sent to the faucets. This heating element heats the water just as it's used and doesn't continue to heat it throughout the day as the temperature in the tank drops.

A tankless water heater also heats only the water being used; with a standard tank, once you start to drain it of water, it then refills and heats this fresh water even if there is no immediate demand for it.

Using a tankless system is good for families who need large amounts of hot water. They're also a good solution for those who travel often, so they don't need to keep a tank of water heated even when not at home.

They're also good for colder climates when a tank of hot water may get colder and start to work simply due to the temperature around it. A tankless heater will use far less electricity than a standard tank because of these reasons.

2. Solar hot water heater

You may not have the money to invest in solar panels that will power your entire home, but a solar hot water heater is a good choice for saving on electricity. This type of heater will have one solar panel that is directly connected to the heating element of the tank, so that little to no electricity is needed to keep water warm.

The solar panel that is used for such a system is often smaller and easier as well as more affordable to install, and may only need a small space on your roof to work. Solar power creates no emissions or pollution, and depending on your location, this type of panel can be the sole source of energy for your hot water. You may need to use some electricity when the solar panel is drained, but the amount of energy it saves can be substantial.

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