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3 Plumbing Services To Think About During The Rainy Season

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The rainy season brings with it its fair share of challenges to your plumbing system. There is usually a lot of water going around your house and this may necessitate that you see a plumber before your systems gets overworked or caught off-guard. Besides that, the rainy season also presents opportunities for your water supply. Read on to see how you can stay prepared before the rains start to pound your residence.

Roof Plumbing

If there is one service that you absolutely have to seek during the rainy season, its roof plumbing. Of course, the best time to call your plumber for this would be just before the rains start. Roof plumbing entails ensuring smooth drainage of water from your roof to prevent water pooling, a tragedy that can cause grave damage to your roofing structures. Once called upon, your plumber will check for leaks and damaged flashing. These can be remedied through the application of roofing felt and bitumen sealers. They will also service your gutters by cleaning them and fixing broken joints.

Rainwater Collection

Another area that a plumber can really help you out with is rainwater collection. A plumber can help you install rainwater tanks and connect them with your gutter system. This will ensure you save up on as much water as you can while the rains rage on. They can also connect your rainwater tank to the household tank, irrigation system, animal shelter or other amenities like your clothes drier. This can be done through connective piping and use of pumps. Doing so makes it easy for you to utilize your water from the rainwater tank.

Drain Clearing

The other service you ought to seek during the rainy period is drain clearing. When it rains, a lot of water around your home is collected through the drain system. This includes water from your compound, garden and roof. If your gutter system in not clear, all that water going through it can cause blockages. A drain blockage can in turn flood your home and create an unsanitary environment. Your plumber can clear your drain systems and remove grit, leaves and pulp that may impede proper drainage. This may be done through use of manual tools, high pressure water-jetting or drain rods.

The above services can save you from a lot of trouble. If you have not yet serviced your drainage systems, seek your plumber's services as soon as possible. After an inspection, he/she should tell you which areas you need to have worked on.