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Surprising Times You Need to Call an Emergency Plumber

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An emergency plumber isn't there just to unclog a toilet that you cannot fix on your own with a plunger, but should be called for other urgent household plumbing issues that are best addressed by a professional. He or she can ensure that your home's plumbing problems are fixed properly and will also ensure that you don't do further damage to the plumbing yourself, which is not uncommon when a homeowner tries to address plumbing emergencies on their own. Note a few surprising times when you should call an emergency plumber and why their services are so important.

1. When there is a water stain on your ceiling, or noticeable drips coming through ceiling tiles

One reason you need to call an emergency plumber when you have a water stain on your ceiling is that your plumbing has a leak that has already saturated the upper part of your ceiling material, and is now leaking through to where you can see it. The leak may also be so severe that it's quickly soaking through the building material of your home's ceiling.

Ignoring this problem until you can reach a standard plumber can mean having your ceiling actually collapse, depending on the amount of water on the topside of the drywall or ceiling tiles. The sooner you call a plumber, the less damage done to your home because of this leak, which is why an emergency plumber is the best choice.

2. When your bathtub drain actually backs up

The occasional clog in the bathtub is not uncommon, and is often caused by hair and soap scum. A mixture of vinegar and baking soda can usually move this clog through so that your water drains freely again. However, if your bathtub drain actually backs up so that water is coming out and not just draining slowly, this usually indicates a blockage and not just a slight clog in the drain.

In this case it's good to call an emergency plumber as you usually need a sewer snake to work through this type of blockage, but these are more complicated to use than you may realize. A snake can get caught on a plumbing connection and cause a water leak, or may make a crack in a pipe worse if not used properly. The water that backs up from a drain in your home usually also brings with it contaminants and bacteria which are very unhealthy, so it's good to have an emergency plumber such as Plumbers WA & Co address this problem as quickly as possible.