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Services Offered By Industrial Plumbers

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When you are a business owner, you will need to contract with an industrial plumber to take care of any problems that occur that could prevent your office, factory or warehouse from operating a peak efficiency. But if you think that industrial plumbers can only fix leaks, think again. Here are some of the little-known services that these professionals can offer you.

Pipe Inspection

If your drains are backing up at your place of business, an industrial plumber can perform a pipe inspection to diagnose the problem. Pipe inspections are performed with cameras and they are very effective at identifying pipe breaks, root blockages, leaks and even the presence of live or dead rodents that can gum up pipes. The advantage of using a camera is that an industrial plumber doesn't need to break your foundation to see the condition of your pipes, which saves you the cost of having your slab excavated.

Pipe Reline

Industrial plumbers are well-versed in pipe relining, which is a process in which your pipes are lined with an epoxy resin that makes them much more durable and resistant to leaks. The pipe reline process begins with an inspection of your pipes, as per the procedure outlined above. An industrial plumber is looking for any blockages that could potentially hinder the relining process.

Blockages are cleared through the use of powerful hydro jet, and then the lining process takes place. Industrial plumbers insert the liner through your pipes and expand the liner to fit your pipes. The liner then hardens and seals cracks, while also helping to mitigate damage from corrosion or rust. The main advantage of relining your pipes instead of replacing them is that you will save money and strengthen your entire pipe system.

Plumbing Design

If you are undergoing the construction of a new commercial building, or you are in the process of a fit out, an industrial plumber can design your entire plumbing system, ensuring that you have the most efficient and durable pipes based on your needs. For example, if you are running a factory, simple PVC pipes may not be sufficient for the amount of pressure and water that will be running through your lines on a daily basis. You may need to install copper pipes, which are the most durable type of pipes on the market, and are coated with anti-rust and anti-corrosion material that ensures longevity. Industrial plumbers use CAD (computer-aided design) programs to map out your plumbing and conform it to your exact requirements.

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